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Client Focused

  • We truly care about our clients and do everything possible to put them in the best position to either get the case dismissed or negotiate a favorable plea agreement so our clients can maintain their jobs, family life and freedom from jail and probation.
  • We are friendly, patient, respectful, hardworking, empathetic, and relatable, which allows clients to feel more comfortable and reduces the stress of dealing with the court system and pending criminal charges. 
  • 125+ Five-Star Google Reviews

Proven Results

  • Our longstanding and award-winning success is attributed to our results driven mentality. Our competitive nature and desire to win every case results in our attorneys fighting for your rights and your freedom by doing everything possible to get our clients’ criminal case dismissed or reduced.
  • Unlike other law firms, you are not only hiring 1 attorney but our entire team of attorneys and staff to fight for your freedom. 

Payment Plans and Financing

  • At Barnes & Fersten, we do not believe your freedom and quality of representation should be taken away based on your inability to pay. For that reason, we work with potential clients to come up with a fair payment plan with an initial down payment and reasonable monthly payments.
  • We offer military discounts to fight for the freedom of those who served for ours.

We Only Practice DUI and Criminal Defense

Most attorneys will take a variety of cases, from criminal defense to family law and car wrecks. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality criminal and DUI defense possible, and that means focusing exclusively on criminal and DUI defense practice.

Successful criminal defense takes the willingness to fight hard in the courtroom and an in depth understanding of the justice system and all the people who work within it. At Barnes & Fersten we work hard everyday to assure your case gets a winning plan that is executed to the fullest by investigating every potential avenue. This means we explore every potential legal defense and create leverage to put us in the best negotiating position possible to convince the State to offer a favorable plea agreement. We accomplish this by preparing every case for trial so that we know more about the case than the prosecutor, arresting officer, and state witnesses. We become the expert on your case so that we can either win at trial or win through a favorable plea deal.

DUI cases are unlike other criminal cases in many ways. There is a large body of law that is specific to DUI cases and takes years of experience to master. There are courtroom elements, like cross examination regarding field testing and breath and blood testing that don’t come up in other cases. We focus on DUI defense so that our clients can be confident they are getting a top notch defense in every case we take. 


Our Awards & Memberships

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Your Choice of Attorney(s) Matters ... A lot!

In retaining us to represent you we want you to put your trust and faith in us, our courtroom and negotiation skills and knowledge of the law, that way you and your family could live your daily lives with as little anxiety of your pending charge(s) as possible knowing that you have expanded your family to include the team of lawyers and staff at Barnes & Fersten who will all work for you and your best interest. 

Based on our case results, client satisfaction and internal policies, we believe hiring us not only provides our clients with the best chance at the most favorable result possible on their case, but also the best service and experience that a criminal law firm can provide to its clients. 

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How We Work

We believe that our unique team approach to DUI and criminal defense, from preparation, experience, training and our entire staff working on our clients’ behalves, to how we treat every interaction with our clients, courts and other attorneys delivers the best results. Read more about what sets up apart from other law firms below.