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When you find yourself in the midst of criminal or DUI charges, the support of a seasoned legal team is paramount. At Barnes & Fersten, our strong presence in Anderson County, Tennessee, is committed to protecting your rights and seeking fair outcomes. Our services extend across the various communities of the county, including Clinton, Oak Ridge, Norris, and Oliver Springs.

Anderson County, with its historical landmarks and the globally recognized Oak Ridge National Laboratory, combines the charm of rural landscapes and the allure of scientific innovation. Yet, individuals here, whether locals or visitors, may face legal adversities, including criminal charges and DUI offenses. Our firm offers its profound expertise and steadfast support during these testing times.

Experienced Anderson County Defense Attorneys

The Advantage of Local Insight

Practicing for years in the Anderson County community, we have an intimate understanding of the local legal environment.

The Anderson County Circuit Court, where trials are conducted and felony charges are resolved is in the historic court house on the square in Clinton. The courthouse, along with the adjacent office building also houses one of two of the Anderson County General Sessions Courts, the Juvenile Court, the District Attorney’s Offices, and many of the court clerks.

Oak Ridge has a separate court building, with a clerk’s office as well, with it’s own Judge presiding over the second of the two Anderson County General Sessions Courts. General Sessions is often the first step in our criminal legal system. Most misdemeanor cases can be resolved in General Sessions, while felony cases can proceed to preliminary hearing to determine whether the case is strong enough to be set for trial.

Our rapport with local attorneys and court officials, understanding of local legal procedures, and recognition of jurisdiction-specific dynamics allow us to formulate an effective defense strategy for your case.

Vigorous Defense for DUI Charges

Facing a DUI charge in Tennessee can potentially lead to serious implications, including substantial fines, loss of driving privileges, and jail time. Our firm brings its vast experience in handling DUI cases, offering clients robust defense strategies. We meticulously scrutinize the details of each case, leveraging our extensive understanding of DUI laws to counter the prosecution’s narrative effectively.

Criminal Charges: Your Rights, Our Priority

Each criminal case comes with its unique set of complexities, whether it pertains to misdemeanor charges or serious felonies. Our attorneys, armed with experience, skill, and determination, devise personalized defense strategies tailored to your circumstances. We pledge to uphold your rights and provide you with the representation you deserve throughout the process.

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Support Beyond Legal Advice

We know that facing a criminal charge extends beyond legal implications, causing significant stress for both you and your loved ones. At Barnes & Fersten, we extend our responsibilities beyond the courtroom. We stand beside you as you return your life to order post-arrest, handling every interaction with empathy, respect, and unwavering dedication.

If you are grappling with a criminal or DUI charge in Anderson County, remember that you are not alone. Barnes & Fersten is dedicated to safeguarding your rights and guiding you through the intricate legal landscape. Lean on our profound local knowledge, comprehensive legal approaches, and relentless dedication. Connect with us for trusted legal counsel, and together, let’s confront these challenges head-on.


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