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Attorney John Barnes

John Barnes understands that facing criminal charges can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. As a founding partner of Barnes & Fersten and a dedicated criminal defense attorney in Knoxville, he has seen firsthand the impact that legal challenges can have on individuals and their families. That’s why his mission is to guide clients through the complexities of the criminal justice system, providing personalized solutions to help them overcome their unique challenges and protect their rights.

Clients often ask John, “Why should I choose you over other criminal defense attorneys in Knoxville?” The answer is simple: John is genuinely committed to their success. With 14 years of experience navigating the criminal justice system, he has the expertise, knowledge, and empathy needed to provide support every step of the way. His clients frequently describe him as a source of strength during difficult times, and he takes pride in offering compassionate guidance backed by legal expertise.


Professional Highlights

As a legal guide, John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Since founding Barnes Law Firm in 2014 and expanding it to Barnes & Fersten, he has successfully represented numerous clients in various criminal defense cases, ranging from DUIs to white-collar crimes and everything in between. His track record speaks for itself: he has won numerous cases and helped countless clients protect their rights and interests. As a result, he has earned recognition and awards within the legal community for his dedication to client success.

What truly sets John apart is his unwavering commitment to making clients’ lives better. When working with him, clients can expect clear communication, prompt responses, and tailored legal strategies designed to address their specific needs. He takes the time to understand each client’s unique circumstances and works collaboratively with them to develop a plan of action that aligns with their goals.

Outside of practicing law, John enjoys traveling and spending time with his amazing wife, Caroline. They have four awesome dogs, Stella, Jolene, McCoy, and Annie, who make up a motley and lovable pack. John also enjoys playing tennis and golf, as well as watching and attending UT football, basketball, and baseball games.

For those in need of a Knoxville criminal defense attorney dedicated to providing empathetic guidance and authoritative legal representation, look no further than John Barnes. He is ready to help clients navigate the legal landscape, address their concerns, and find the best possible solutions for their unique situations. Contact Barnes & Fersten today to discuss how they can work together to achieve goals and protect rights.

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