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You’ve been arrested in Knoxville? Now what?

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When adversity in the form of criminal or DUI charges looms, having a skilled legal team by your side is not just a comfort, but a necessity. At Barnes & Fersten our Criminal Defense and DUI Law Firm, is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals in Crossville and Cumberland County, Tennessee. Our team has the work ethic and legal prowess needed to champion your case. Serving diverse communities such as Crossville, Pleasant Hill, and Crab Orchard, our firm is well-acquainted with the local legal landscape.


Cumberland County, a region adorned with natural beauty from the Cumberland Mountain State Park to the vast expanses of the Cumberland Plateau, offers a serene yet engaging environment for its residents and visitors alike. However, serene landscapes are not exemptions from legal tribulations such as criminal charges or DUI offenses. During such challenging times, our firm stands as a bulwark of support and expertise.

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Combatting DUI Accusations: A Thorough Approach

A DUI accusation in Tennessee is a grave matter that can lead to strict penalties including hefty fines, license revocation, and at times, incarceration. Our firm is seasoned in navigating the intricate waters of DUI cases, providing a detailed and robust defense for our clients. Through a meticulous examination of every aspect of your case, we challenge the prosecution’s stance and aim to secure favorable outcomes.

Your Shield in Face of Criminal Charges

The realm of criminal charges is vast and varied, encompassing minor misdemeanors, severe felonies, or complex federal crimes. Our team of skilled attorneys is equipped with the knowledge and diligence required to construct a solid defense tailored to your unique circumstances. We vow to uphold your rights and work tirelessly to mitigate the impact of these charges on your life.

Harnessing Local Insights for a Fortified Defense

Our experience in the Cumberland County legal system grants us a nuanced understanding of the best strategies to defend you. From the bustling life in Crossville to the quieter corners in Pleasant Hill and Crab Orchard, our familiarity with the local courts, judicial personnel, and legal procedures is an asset in crafting a defense strategy that resonates with the local legal ethos.

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A Pillar of Support Beyond Legal Consultation

We recognize the emotional and personal upheaval that a criminal charge can bring about, extending its affects far beyond the courtroom. Our commitment to Criminal Defense and DUI Law transcends legal representation; we stand as a support system, aiding you in regaining stability in every aspect of your life, and ensuring every interaction is handled with empathy, respect, and an unwavering commitment to your cause.

In the face of criminal or DUI charges in Crossville and Cumberland County, you need not stand alone. At Barnes & Fersten we are here to ensure your rights are vehemently protected and that you are competently guided through the legal maze. With our local expertise, holistic legal strategies, and steadfast dedication, we are poised to serve as your reliable legal ally. Reach out to us at (865) 805-5703 for trustworthy legal counsel and embark on the journey towards justice with a robust defense in your corner.


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