Common Misconceptions About Being Charged With A DUI In Tennessee

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Most people, when they first begin to look for DUI lawyers and information on the subject, are emotionally distraught. They are confused, angry, embarrassed, and sometimes even feel hopeless. These emotions are to be expected, and they merely mean that you are like most others facing a pending DUI charge in Knoxville, Tennessee. Going through the actual act of being arrested is a terrible experience to handle. Remember that all these feelings are normal, and fearing the unknown is natural following an arrest. Fortunately, there are attorneys available to talk to that understand all the legal jargon and are non-judgmental. Our attorneys at Barnes and Fersten Law are here to help you and your loved ones deal with your DUI charge. We are here to not only help guide you through the complicated legal process of a DUI case but also to help alleviate some of your worries and anxiety that come along with these types of situations.

The Importance of Quick Action After a DUI Arrest in Tennessee

If you have recently been arrested and charged with a DUI or DWI in the state of Tennessee, then it is imperative to understand the possible ways to fight your charges. Driving under the influence charges in the state of Tennessee are grave matters, and you need to react promptly following your arrest to give you the best chance to beat your DUI case. If you were recently arrested for a DUI charge and it is your first offense, there are some preventative steps that you can take to avoid the Ignition Interlock Device (IID) and the high price tag that goes along with it.

Challenging DUI Charges and the Role of Human Error

A common misconception about being charged with a DUI in Tennessee is that you are automatically found guilty if you fail the breathalyzer or the roadside sobriety field tests. There is always room for human error when operating breathalyzer machines and giving field sobriety tests. There have been multiple cases fought where the officer’s error or mistakes have been revealed, and the DUI cases have been dismissed. This is why having a skilled Tennessee DUI attorney by your side throughout the legal process is valuable to get the results you need. At Barnes and Fersten Law Firm in Knoxville, we have experience in dealing with all different DUI case situations and can help you fight for your rights when burdened with a DUI charge.

The Critical Role of Legal Counsel in DUI Cases

By receiving a DUI/DWI charge in the state of Tennessee, it is very likely that you had to provide a urine or blood sample in addition to the breathalyzer test. The police may have taken you to a hospital to get your blood or urine test. No matter how disappointed or discouraged you are in the moments closely following your DUI charge, it is important to have your arrest details examined by a professional Tennessee DUI attorney. By gaining legal counsel from a DUI attorney, you are equipping yourself with the best possible way to fight for dropped charges and help you find the advantages within your particular case. Our competent DUI attorneys are known for finding mistakes and using tried defense strategies to help fight your DUI charges. Having one of our DUI attorneys look over your case as soon as possible after your arrest can only assist you in maximizing your chances to beat the case. Our attorneys are familiar with all the tests officers administer during a DUI stop, and they know what to look out for in DUI cases.

Examining the Nuances of DUI Charges

While there are common indicators that can be relative to alcohol impairment, this may not always be the case for every person who gets charged with a DUI in Tennessee. For instance, an unusual driving pattern could be caused by a mechanical defect or dangerous road conditions. The odor of alcohol is usually consistent with its recent consumption, but that does not always mean proof of impairment. Just because someone has had drinks does not necessarily mean that they are impaired. Having bloodshot or glassy eyes can be an indicator of being over-tired or fatigued, but there are many other reasons one’s eyes may look this way. Some people have glassy eyes from being around a smoky environment. Dental or medical issues may be the cause of slurred speech, not necessarily impairment. When doing roadside tests, a lack of balance could be from road conditions, footwear, or medical conditions. Sometimes being unable to locate your documents such as registration for the officer is just out of nervousness. Some individuals react nervously when speaking to law officers no matter what the circumstances are. Remember that all hope is not lost just because of the DUI charge you received. If you are charged with a DUI, it is very important to gain the services of a skilled Tennessee DUI attorney to help you find all the possible ways to get your case dismissed. Our Knoxville DUI attorneys will let you know what to expect and will provide you personalized legal service for your specific DUI case.

Addressing Mistakes in DUI Arrests

Often mistakes are made in DUI cases due to human error on the arresting officers or intake’s part. Proving these types of elements can be very difficult, especially in a Tennessee DUI court. If you or your attorney can show the mistakes made by the arresting officers at any point in your DUI case, then you have significantly increased your chances of winning your DUI case. Our attorneys have experience in exposing the common mistakes made by arresting officers. Usually, these mistakes or errors are made by the officer in his documentation or the collecting of blood, breath, or urine samples. Sometimes in DUI arrests, the field sobriety tests are not administered properly. Once one of our experienced DUI attorneys in Knoxville has reviewed all the details of your particular DUI case, they will discuss defense options and strategies with you to help you fight to beat your DUI charge. Tennessee DUI laws are always changing, making it even more necessary for you to obtain reliable legal counsel from an experienced DUI attorney.

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