Difference Between Street Crime & White Collar Crime

A crime is an illegal activity that can be prosecuted by the state or federal government and is punishable under the law. On a social level, most crimes are considered to be morally or ethically wrong. However, not all crimes are the same. Under the law, crimes are characterized as greater abuses of public order (felony) or […]

Examples Of White Collar Crime In Tennessee

The term white collar crime was reportedly coined in 1939. Today it is used to describe a plethora of non-violent crimes generally committed by businesses or government professionals. The hallmarks of these crimes include deceit, concealment, and a violation of trust. Usually, the motivation behind a white collar crime is financial. If you are facing charges for […]


While identity theft is nothing new, thanks to the internet and our growing dependence on technology and electronic communication, identity theft is skyrocketing. We are much more vigilant regarding identity theft now that we were in previous years. The state and federal governments have enacted legislation in order to aggressively combat this increase in identity […]


Healthcare fraud is considered a white collar crime, and charges are typically brought against doctors and healthcare organizations. Due to the complexity of the healthcare industry, it can be hard to detect and difficult to prove. As a result, allegations can be made even when no fraud occurred or there was no intent to commit […]


Embezzlement is considered to be a white collar crime since it doesn’t involve violence or other elements that we typically associate with crime. Regardless, it is still a crime with serious consequences. As a result, if you’ve been charged with embezzlement, you need a criminal defense attorney who can give you the help you need. […]