Criminal Investigations: When Should You Call A Knoxville Defense Lawyer?

Investigations involving illegal drugs, white collar crimes, and racketeering, for example, can all occur at the state and federal levels. State law is implicated in cases where the accused is charged with violating a state statute which is on the books. On the other hand, federal law is implicated when the underlying criminal offense crosses state lines, […]

Did The Police Violate Your Rights During A Traffic Stop In Tennessee?

Police officers have sirens, flashing lights, badges, and handcuffs, so they can pull you over or arrest you whenever they want, right? Wrong. Under the law, people in the United States have rights that protect them from the unreasonable actions of police officers, and officers must act within the confines of the law. However, this […]

Why Simple Possession Isn’t So Simple In Tennessee

Marijuana laws around the country are changing.  Recreational marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado; medicinal marijuana is legal in 23 states; and attitudes about the use and danger of marijuana have changed from people on Main Street to the main stream media.  BUT the law in Tennessee remains the same.  Possession of even a small amount […]